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Digitalisation is the order of the day: Minol-ZENNER’s CEO Alexander Lehmann (second from left) visiting the project in Shanghai

China: ZENNER scores high with major LoRaWAN installation (05.07.2018)

Zenner Meters has equipped a variety of buildings with a total of 30,000 water meters as part of a major project. The meters will ultimately be read via the internet of things (IoT). Scarcity of resources is also an important topic in China, in particularly as regards drinking water. Sustainable consumption metering and energy monitoring concepts are therefore required.

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Absetzen von LoRaWAN-Signalen aus über 1.000 Metern Höhe

ZENNER conducts LoRaWAN range test using the fly-by process (11.06.2018)

Network coverage is increasing as part of the digitalisation wave with the growing importance of LoRaWAN. Two enthusiastic LoRa pilots from the ZENNER team undertook an unusual test last weekend. They took off and conducted a LoRaWAN range test from the skies.

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