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St. Petersburg, Russia, Population: 4.9 Million, Daily water consumption per capita: 270 L

ZENNER - Guidelines

We at ZENNER are internationally active suppliers of systems, products and services for consumption measurement and accounting – particularly of water and heat. With our products and services, we help to protect scarce resources, thereby making an active contribution to saving energy and to environmental protection.

As an internationally active company in the measurement technology industry, we conduct our activities in accordance with clear guidelines. Just as much as striving for commercial success, these include the protection of the environment, the promotion of innovation and a strong customer focus.

We fulfil and exceed the demands and standards of our customers with our quality – reliability and accuracy are important characteristics of our products, which stand well apart from the competition, thanks to the additional benefits they offer our customers

The basis of our business is our expertise, which we make available across the world through our customer focus, service and technical support. Our global network of specialists is ready to advise and support our partners and customers with their product selection and utilisation and with problem solving.

Customer Focus with a View towards the Future

Innovation and solution expertise are our key to satisfying the current and future needs of our customers. Thanks to our worldwide presence and the associated customer focus, we are always in touch with our customers and partners around the globe.

By keeping up-to-date we are able to recognize market developments and needs early on and develop products for our customers with the maximum benefit and optimum functionality.

A high level of customer satisfaction for more than 100 years

At ZENNER, we regard our customers as partners who take an active part in our business strategy and product development. We have been working like this with many customers for over 80 years. Reliability, quality and trust are the basis of enduring customer relations and long-standing collaboration with partners around the world.


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Needs-based Technologies

Most of our customers are looking for a particular solution and the product that best fulfils their requirements. In order to orientate our portfolio to the individual needs of our customers, we always take the technical and legal requirements into consideration in the development of the water meters and heat meters.

We also integrate the fields of application into the development, as well as the economic and climatic demands faced by our customers. We view developing an individual solution for each customer as our most important task.

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Environmental Awareness

At ZENNER, we want to make as great as possible a contribution to conservation and to the protection of the environment in the course of our business activities. Whether in production, logistics, in despatch or in the office area, our employees are made aware of and are instructed concerning environmental protection in accordance with their tasks.

All ZENNER employees worldwide are committed to the environment in what they do. Our manufacturing facilities in Mulda have been environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

Among other things, our environmental guidelines provide for:

files/content/icons/quad.gifSafe and economical handling of resources and hazardous substances
files/content/icons/quad.gifMinimum consumption of paper, cardboard packaging and office materials
files/content/icons/quad.gifThe development of products with as high as possible a proportion of recyclable materials
files/content/icons/quad.gifLow consumption of energy and raw materials in all areas of the company

Quality Commitment

One important component of our corporate culture is the quality of our products and services. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to a rigorous quality policy.

A high standard of quality is ensured by the ISO certification of the ZENNER International Group in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.