zenner grafik amr systeme

ZENNER systems technology

Bus-systems, wirelessM-Bus radio system, stationary GSM-system

Smart and innovative technologies for capturing, analysing and processing meter data have long been standard in water and energy measurement. Municipal utilities, industrial companies, property companies and metering services are increasingly relying on time-saving and cost-saving remote meter reading via wired M-bus systems, wireless radio systems or modern smart metering measurement systems.

As a ZENNER customer you have access to an innovative portfolio containing wired M-bus systems and radio solutions as well as electronic hardware and professional software packages for commissioning and reading your systems.

Focusing on quality and efficiency, our engineers have developed intelligent systems from flexible measurement technology and high-performance remote reading technology to be the perfect solution for all of your current and future individual meeting needs.

ZENNER meters have modern communication interfaces which enable integration into M-bus or radio systems. We also offer smart solutions to integrate conventional, pulse-based meters, enabling the meters to be integrated into readout systems at a later date. We are therefore turning every meter into a smart meter.

Benefits of AMR systems

  • Efficient reading process
  • Shorter billing intervals
  • Increased data quality
  • Improved data management
  • Ability to monitor consumption
  • Visualisation of savings potential
  • Measures to optimise consumption
  • Resource conservation