M-Bus Systeme von ZENNER

ZENNER Bus-systems

Cable readout systems: M-bus and ZENNER-bus

Imagine a building where several hundred meters of all kinds – water meters, heat meters, cooling meters, gas and electricity meters – have been installed. Now imagine that all of these meters could be selected from a central computer within minutes.

In practice, such situations use cable bus systems. M-bus (meter-bus) and our specially developed ZR-bus (ZENNER-bus) are intelligent system solutions for smart remote reading of water, energy, electricity and gas meters.

Bus systems are used in properties where structural or infrastructure conditions mean that it is not possible or economical to use a radio system. These include larger commercial properties, industrial facilities, hospitals and airports.

ZENNER offers such properties a comprehensive product range containing all the components needed to connect meters to a smart, cable remote readout system using transfers in accordance with the M-bus standard (DIN EN 1434). In addition to meters with an integrated bus interface, you can also integrate meters with pulse output into the bus system via pulse counters.

The main components of our bus systems are electronic communication interfaces in the energy calculators of our heat meters and pulse counters. We use bus converters (level converters) to supply power to the bus segments and as interfaces to the PC or transmission equipment (e.g. CommunicationMaster with Ethernet or GSM interface).

For the remote reading and transmission of data in energy monitoring or energy management systems, we offer our customers modular software packages perfectly adapted to all of their individual needs.

M-bus system components


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/EDC_Modul_Front_mit Bogen.jpg EDC-M-bus module
The innovative EDC communications module with M-bus interface is a clip-on module for water meters. It enables remote reading of water meters via the M-bus system. The EDC module was developed for electronic and non-reactive scanning of all ZENNER water meters equipped with a modulator disc. The innovative EDC product range also offers two further models with radio and pulse output [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0201 WMZ/0201 Kompaktzaehler/C5_waermezaehler_ultraschall.jpg Integrated M-bus interface

Both the multidata WR3 energy calculator for split heat and cooling meters and the compact meters of the zelsius C5 series are available in a version with an M-bus interface. Up to two additional meters with pulser are connected to suitably equipped multidata devices (up to three for zelsius C5 devices) and integrated into the M-bus system. [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/multipulse_systemtechnik_impulszaehlmodul.jpg pulse counter module multipulse/multilog

The ZENNER pulse counter module with M-bus interface is used wherever existing meters with pulse outputs are integrated into a bus system. Up to three meters with pulse output can be connected to one pulse counter module. [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/pulse-data-capture.jpg Pulse Data Capture

The Pulse Data Capture is the economic alternative to a pulse counter and also offers the functionality of integrating meters with pulser into an M-bus system. It has a maximum of two pulse inputs.


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/M-Bus_Pegelwandler.jpg M-bus master/ level converter

M-bus meter consumption data is requested via the M-bus master or level converter as the central readout point. Power can be supplied to the connected M-bus equipment (slaves) via the bus. Up to 250 meters can be connected per bus segment. Larger systems are implemented using repeaters. [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/ComServer_systemtechnik02.jpg Smart Metering Gateway CommunicationMaster

For the remote reading of bus systems, ZENNER offers the transparent Smart Metering Gateway Communication Master from now on in its AMR Systems portfolio. This unit has RS232 and Ethernet or GSM interface for connection to M - bus signal converter or ZR - Bus converter. [more]