China: ZENNER scores high with major LoRaWAN installation

Zenner Meters has equipped a variety of buildings with a total of 30,000 water meters as part of a major project. The meters will ultimately be read via the internet of things (IoT).

China remains a booming market. Population growth and growing urbanisation require an increasing amount of living space and thus the development of countless major projects. One such project is currently taking place in Shanghai, where Chinese company ZENNER Meters (Shanghai) Ltd. is based. Since September 2017, Zenner Meters has already installed over 30,000 LoRaWAN-capable water meters in multiple upscale buildings across the Shanghai urban area.

Scarcity of resources is also an important topic in China, in particularly as regards drinking water. Sustainable consumption metering and energy monitoring concepts are therefore required.

The LoRaWAN radio meters installed by ZENNER enable the consumption of all 30,000 water meters to be constantly recorded and monitored. Faults or water loss caused by leakages can be quickly identified and rectified. In addition, the data is always available in up-to-date form for consumption-based billing.

Minol-ZENNER’s CEO Alexander Lehmann visited this project on site in June 2018 and was won over by the impressive scope of the installation by European standards. ‘This example shows that ZENNER is on the right track with established, internationally popular LoRaWAN technology.

We are sure that our radio network, based on the globally established and open transmission standard LoRaWAN™, is a model for success’, was how Lehmann summarised his impressions of the project.

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