Readout tool with wireless-M-Bus interface

Additionally to the functions of MinoConnect, MinoConnect radio offers the opportunity of a "walk-by remote readout"


Using MinoConnect radio in combination with the software GMM/ mobile GMM, all ZENNER devices which are equipped with an M-Bus interface can be read out by "walk-by".

Performance Characteristics

  • Battery-powered
  • Simple operation via stylus
  • Status LED indicates the operational status
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • In combination with the ZENNER opto head IrCombiHead it supports the connections to the interfaces IEC 62056 (1107) and IrDa
  • Integradted torch
  • Enables remote readout by radio for all ZENNER devices equipped with wireless-M-Bus interface (868 Mhz)

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