M-bus level converter

Level converter for the readout of M-bus devices

With the m-bus level converter (also named M-bus master) the data of all measuring devices in an M-bus system can be read out.

The M-bus level converter represents the central metering point. The power supply of the connected M-Bus devices (so-called "slaves") can be carried out via the bus. A maximum of 250 meters can be combined to each bus segment.

Bigger Systems are realized by the means of repeaters. The selection of the level converter depends on the number of connected M-bus devices.

If the data of the M-bus meters are read out via a PC, the M-bus signals have to be converted into RS-232 signals. For measurement service companies, system builders and electrical installers ZENNER offers suitable M-bus level converters for M-Bus systems of various sizes.

Performance Characteristics

  • For remote readout of measuring devices with M-bus interface
  • Status LED for the M-Bus network
  • USB-connection for local reading, RS232-connection
  • M-bus master (2400 baud)-connection, protected against overload and electrical short-circuit.
  • Available for the connection of 32, 60, 120 or 250 devices
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 45 °C

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