Bulk Water Meters

Woltman meters for high flow rates

Woltman type water meters can be used for flow rates higher than Qn 15 m³/h. They are thereby distinguished by ensuring an especially low head loss, even with high flow rates.

The newly developed measuring insert with a special construction of the turbine where the water flows through, guarantees a high measuring accuracy and long-term stability of the measuring results. Large number rollers on the dry dial counter ensure the readability of the numbers at all times.

Similar to multi-jet meters, Woltman meters measure the velocity of the water flowing through with the help of a turbine. The volume is mechanically calculated, through the known volume of the measuring chamber, and indicated with the roller counters in cubic meters. The unique form of the “paddle wheels” enable the Woltman meters to cover a very large measuring range with especially low head loss. Aside from their construction for high flow rates, they also reliably start measuring with small water quantities.

Active or passive sensors are available for communication with pulse counting modules or automation and control systems. Inductive NAMUR, optical, and Reed sensors can be retrofitted without damaging the calibration seal. Active sensors have a pulse value, depending on the meter size, of either 1 or 10 L/Imp. Reed sensors have a pulse value of 100 L/Imp. up to 10 m³/lmp, depending on the meter size.


WPD / WPHD is a smart Woltman bulk water meter for the measuring of high flow rates with parallel turbine shaft. It is prepared for remote reading via wired M-bus, wireless M-bus-radio, GSM, LPWAN (LoRaWAN, Sigfox) or electronic pulser. read more
The WPH-N is a Woltman Bulk Water Meter with parallel turbine shaft for water up to 90° C. The WPH 90° is always used when high flow rates with a relative constant flow rate profile are to be measured. read more
WSD is a Woltman water meter with perpendicular turbine shafts and is optimally prepared for remote reading via M-Bus, radio (wireless M-bus, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX), GSM or pulser. read more
With the Woltman WPV-N-IL combination meter, ZENNER provides a version of the WPV for municipal utilities companies, water suppliers and industry whose meter housing remains in the pipeline for calibration replacement. read more
Woltman Well Water meter is a bulk water meter with a housing and counter specially developed for use in multiple well systems and can be installed as wellheads in place of a 90° elbow in accordance with DIN 28537 and DIN 28637. read more
Woltman Irrigation Water Meter WI-N is a bulk water meter specially developed for use with polluted water. The meter easily takes a level of impurity of up to 30% in its stride, external filters can be inserted upstream of the water meter. read more
With the single-jet ETK-N/ETK-M bulk water meter, ZENNER provides a meter for high flow rates with Class C measuring accuracy for municipal utilities companies, water suppliers and industry. read more
Even under difficult conditions and where the water quality is poor, the dirt filters for our Woltman bulk water meters make reliable measurement results possible. read more
All ZENNER Woltman type water meters can be retrofitted with reed contact, optical encoder or NAMUR induction encoder type active or passive pulsers. read more
The honeycomb rectifier for bulk water meters ensures that the water enters the turbine of the water meter in an unimpeded flow pattern. read more
The movable spacer accommodates the various installation face-to-face lengths of the different meter types and can be fitted very easily. read more
The SITRANS FM MAGFLO magnetic-inductive flow measuring device enables reliable, precise and economical flow measurement for all electrically conductive fluids. It can also be used as a volumetric flow sensor in refrigeration plants. read more
The GSM multilog data logger is connected with the monitored meter by pulser. GSM multilog stores the meter data at regular intervals (eg every hour) and transmits the information normally once a day via SMS to the server GSM multilog cockpit. read more