Measuring capsule replacement program

For existing on-site flush-mounted parts.

ZENNER has an wide range of exchange measuring capsules for existing on-site flush-mounted parts

ZENNER’s comprehensive replacement program offers customized solutions for nearly all measuring capsules and adapter fittings on the market. According to DIN EN 14154-2, capsule meters and their associated connection points (formerly known as manifold bodies or flush-mounted components) must have a compliant manufacturer label.

It is necessary to verify the conformity of these labels before installation. If capsule meters need to be replaced in an existing building and the connection point does not have a DIN-conforming label, ZENNER Support will help you select the right measuring capsule.

Performance Characteristics

Measuring capsule replacement program for cold water up to 30°C and hot water up to 90°C

ZENNER Measuring Capsule
fits for model:
Minolist Koax 2", Type Ista
Minolas Allmess UP 6000-MK
Minotec Techem MK90/vario S, M62x2
Minomet Metrona HT3, M 64 x 2
Minomet + Installation Set Metrona HT2/ 307/1 Metrona HT2, M 66 x 1 incl. Adapter auf HT3
Minol MB3 Measuring Capsule MB3
Minol MB2 Measuring Capsule MB2
Measuring Cartridge micro Measuring Capsule micro
Measuring Capsule Zenner Neptun Neptun, M78 x 1,5 Type Wehrle, SPX U 193, Rossweiner
Measuring Capsule Zenner PolluMuk SPX PolluMuk, G2 1/4"
Measuring Capsule Zenner Modulmeter 2" Elster MO-C/ MO-E, M65 x 2
Measuring Capsule Deltamess Deltamess TK
Measuring Capsule WG Wasser Geräte

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