Gas Meters

Accurate, reliable and secure

ZENNER Gas Meters impress by the sound processing of high-quality materials combined with a large number of technical details. In the manufacturing process we purely use materials of the highest quality that meet the requirements for product lifetime, security and technical precision. For example, our diaphragm gas meters are are made of high quality steel plate or aluminium alloy. The seal plate is made of stainless steel and resistant to corrosion.

In addition we purely use tested component connections to guarantee that the meters are solid, safe and leakproof. All ZENNER diaphragm gas meters meet the requirements of EN1359.

The corrosion resistance is ensured by use of galvanized and powder coated sheet steel.

In addition to the widely used residential diaphragm gas meters, customers can also find rotary gas meters (often named roots gas meters) for higher flow rates in our product range. These meters are mainly used in commercial and industrial settings.

The gas meters product portfolio is completed by compact gas-massflowmeters which are used for individual consumption metering in apartments or commercial properties. They are specially adapted to the needs of gas-billing-services.