Press release

ZENNER develops IoT water meters for SIGFOX networks

The German measuring instrument manufacturer ZENNER develops smart water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators for the Internet of Things.

When used comprehensively they allow the reading of consumer data for water, heat, gas and electricity for an entire city in minutes.

Piston type meter RTKD with radio module

Zenner in the future is relying on two communication standards in the development of smart LPWAN solutions for the Internet of Things.

On the one hand it is also relying on the solution SIGFOX. Sigfox is a French company, established in 2009 and headquartered in Labège, that develops wireless networks worldwide for the connection of so-called low-energy objects. These objects include water, heat, gas and electricity meters, smart watches and household devices that continuously send small quantities of data.

Currently Sigfox is expanding its network in 18 countries. The Sigfox narrow-band wireless network is energy- and cost optimized for the use in the IoT. Sending up to 140 messages per day with up to 12 bytes per message, it achieves a speed of 1000 bit/s This enables battery-powered applications such as networked water, heat, gas and electricity meters, parking space detectors in parking meters, moisture detectors for agriculture or smoke and intruder alarms. It is also possible to transmit control commands to devices in the field.

On the other hand ZENNER is relying on the internationally increasingly established communication standard LoRaWAN™. LoRaWAN™ was developed by the LoRa® Alliance, an international non-profit organisation with the declared aim of establishing LoRaWAN™ as the communication standard for the Internet of Things.

In the future the Zenner IoT-radio-module for water meters will be provided in two versions for use in LoRaWAN™ and SIGFOX networks.