Press release

ZENNER Connect AG: New IoT solutions provider for Switzerland

Minol-ZENNER Group establishes Swiss subsidiary for IoT solutions to push ahead with its international digitisation drive

The Minol-ZENNER Group is pushing ahead with its international digitisation drive

The Minol-ZENNER Group is taking its IoT approach to an international level. Having repositioned itself as a supplier of intelligent end-to-end solutions for energy providers, utilities, metering service providers, industrial companies and local authorities, Zenner, the Saarbrücken-based measurement equipment manufacturer, has established its first foreign subsidiary specialising in IoT. Headquartered in Regensdorf, in the Canton of Zurich, ZENNER Connect AG took up operations on 1 July and will develop IoT-solutions for the Swiss market based on low power networks with a high reach. The focus will be placed on the development of innovative end-to-end solutions and on consulting services tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

“Together with ZENNER, our partner companies TrackNet and ZENNER IoT Solutions as well as other leading IoT companies, we support energy providers, cities and organisations in the digital transformation from the very beginning and offer them a complete package – from sensor and actor technology to gateways and network servers to web applications. Moreover, we develop additional solutions, for instance for the smart control of street lights or intelligent parking systems,” says Alexander Nanzer, Managing Director of ZENNER Connect AG. “Our projects aim to combine the long-standing experience of our customers with our expert IoT knowledge in order to create customised solutions.” Before Nanzer was appointed Managing Director of the newly established company, the IoT pioneer worked, among others, for a subsidiary of Axpo, a leading Swiss energy provider, where he built up and managed the “IoT Innovation Lab”. ZENNER’s smart solutions are based on low power wide area networks (LPWAN) such as LoRaWAN and SIGFOX, wireless telecommunication networks with a high reach and lower energy consumption through which the data of intelligent objects can be transmitted energy-efficiently at high speed and across large distances.


Huge potential in the Swiss energy sector

To ensure maximum proximity to its customers, ZENNER Connect AG has a second head office in Sachseln (Canton of Obwalden) and is already planning additional branches in Switzerland. “There is huge potential in the Swiss energy sector,” says Minol-ZENNER’s Managing Director Alexander Lehmann. “Swiss companies are well ahead of their German counterparts in terms of digitisation and are showing great interest in IoT projects. According to the index, which measures the digitisation progress in Switzerland, 85 percent of the energy providers consider digital solutions to be important for the future. So far, however, only ten percent have implemented the first projects and this is where we want to come in and take advantage of our partner network.”

ZENNER IoT Solutions, the Hamburg-based sister company, which develops a central technology-independent IoT platform and applications for the use of mass data, has already established a large number of business relationships in Switzerland. For instance, the IoT specialists advise and support cities in eastern Switzerland in building up a region-wide smart network. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact and to make public services such as parking space management, the monitoring of energy meters and filling levels – for instance of underground containers – as well as the management of street lights more efficient. The newly established ZENNER Connect AG will now build on these projects: “The German and Swiss IoT subsidiaries of the Minol-ZENNER Group will cooperate closely and pool their consulting expertise in building up end-to-end IoT solutions,” says Alexander Nanzer. “This will enable us to cater to customers’ requirements quickly and professionally.”