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Minol-ZENNER Group enters partnership with SmartMakers

The Minol-ZENNER Group is continuing to expand its network of partners for the development of IoT solutions with the acquisition of a new holding

Conclusion of contract in Stuttgart

February 2017 – The Minol-ZENNER Group has procured a holding in SmartMakers GmbH. The young, Karlsruhe-based company specializes in consulting, development and implementation services for network and application solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT). Through this move, the Minol-ZENNER Group is further expanding its strategic partnerships in the IoT sector. Only in January, the measuring equipment manufacturer and energy sector service provider acquired an interest in Swiss start-up TrackNet, which also develops IoT-based solutions. “We have a clear aim to become one of the leading suppliers of IoT-based products and services. By establishing a second partnership so quickly, we are forging important alliances that will enable us to make the best possible use of future technologies and develop smart solutions for our customers,” said Alexander Lehmann, Managing Director of the Minol-ZENNER Group. “We came to know each other while working on a municipal IoT project and we both decided we wanted to pursue a close, long-term collaboration. We are pleased we have now laid the foundations for this relationship,” said Robert Koning, General Manager at SmartMakers.

SmartMakers was established in 2016. The Karlsruhe-based company builds custom IoT networks for public utility companies, municipal authorities and energy suppliers and also offers both the software platform required for professional data management and corresponding applications. SmartMakers, Minol-ZENNER and TrackNet all use wireless LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) and the open LoRa (Long Range) transfer standard. The particular advantage of this technology is that it offers a fast and energy-efficient means of taking remote readings from sensors and measuring equipment over long distances. The transfer standard is thus ideal for the requirements of municipal authorities, public utility companies, energy suppliers and meter-reading companies. The current product and service portfolios of the partner companies complement each other perfectly. Minol-ZENNER and SmartMakers will work together to develop new IoT solutions and add digital products and services to their portfolios. Customers will thus benefit from end-to-end IoT consulting expertise.

Around a year ago, measuring equipment manufacturer ZENNER began adding smart IoT meters to its product range, thereby laying the groundwork for integrating the Internet of Things. Additional products and solutions are being planned, including for smart cities, and these will cover all key components such as sensors, gateways, corresponding network management software and specific applications. Sister company Minol will be adding further IoT-based services to its range of measurement and billing services. By working in tandem with its partner companies, the Group aims to become a one-stop supplier for all equipment, software and services.

Minol-ZENNER and SmartMakers are exhibiting together at the E-world energy & water 2017 trade show in Essen, Germany: Booth 6-518 in Hall 6.