Press release

The Minol-Zenner Group is expanding its own compentences with a new solution provider for Smart Utilities, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0

ZENNER will invest in BK IoT Solutions GmbH, which will operate in future under the name ZENNER IoT Solutions. The company will develop smart applications and software solutions for municipal utilities, municipalities and industrial companies.

This Saarbrücken measurement and systems technology manufacturer thereby emphasises the consistent reorganisation of the equipment manufacturer towards a supplier of solutions in the Minol-Zenner Group.

Since May 1, 2017 a new, innovative company has existed that exploit the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the municipal economy: Zenner IoT Solutions GmbH, formerly BK IoT Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg. "We accompany cities, municipal utilities and municipal services in their digital transformation. Our applications make the data that is read using the Internet of things specifically accessible for this target group. This means that municipal utilities and municipalities can operate more efficiently and even establish new business models", says Dr. Niklas Klein, the Managing Director of ZENNER IoT Solutions. Some examples of smart solutions are: the remote readout of water, gas and electricity meters, the continuous monitoring of environmental data such as air pollution or water levels, the monitoring of transformer stations, the smart control of street lighting or intelligent parking systems. "From the point of view of the Minol-ZENNER Group this new company is an important puzzle piece in our digitalisation offensive. We have developed our partner network for IoT solutions more and more over the past months and can now offer our customers complete technology for Smart Utilities, Smart Cities and Smart Metering with software from a single source", says Minol-ZENNER Managing Director Alexander Lehmann.

 Making LPWAN data useful

The technical basis of smart solutions is formed by wireless networks with low power consumption and a wide range (Low-Power-Wide-Area-Networks) such as LoRaWAN: Millions of terminal devices, such as meters and sensors, communicate with gateways that then send the data packages to a network server. IoT platforms and applications can be connected to the service using interfaces. ZENNER IoT Solutions specialises in the last link of the chain: It develops IoT platforms and individual software solutions such as mobile apps. It also advises and accompanies customers who would like to join existing, large cloud platforms such as Amazon or Microsoft One of the first projects of ZENNER IoT Solutions is the development of an application for the commissioning of smart consumption meters.

Specialised expertise and established project experience.

ZENNER IoT Solutions GmbH is created with the participation of ZENNER in the company BK IoT Solutions. Its founders Matthias Behrens and Dr. Niklas Klein and the ten-strong developer team come from DIGIMONDO, a spin-off of the energy suppliers E-ON and bring a lot of specialist knowledge and many years of product experience around the Internet of Things.


Strong IoT cooperation and complete solutions from a single source

For the consistent realisation of its own digitalisation strategy the Minol-ZENNER Group has investigated three companies in 2017 alone: TrackNet, SmartMakers and now ZENNER IoT Solutions. ZENNER started over one year ago to supplement the portfolio to include smart IoT consumption meters. Together the partners now offer complete IoT solutions comprising the following components: Meters and sensors, the technical infrastructure for the transfer of data, i.e. networks and gateways, a highly scalable and secure IoT data cloud that is operated in Germany, including permanent big data management, advice when developing individual IoT networks and finally software platforms and applications for the concrete use of the data. "The digitalisation of the energy revolution is moving forward and is posing a challenge for all market participants. With the digitalisation strategy of the Minol-ZENNER Group we are following the overarching goal of supporting our customers from the supply and housing industry in this development by offering them smart complete solutions from a single source in the future. ZENNER IoT Solutions plays a central role in this constellation as their solutions convert complex and abstract mass data into measurable added value. Thus we are already well-positioned to be able to satisfy the customer requirements of tomorrow efficiently and effectively", explains Sascha Schlosser, who has formed the executive management of ZENNER together with Alexander Lehmann.