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ZENNER PERFORMANCE offers high-quality Water Meters for U.S. Markets

Headquarter in Banning, CA, ZENNER PERFORMANCE is a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of high-quality water meters and heat meters for the measuring of consumption. As a part of the worldwide ZENNER-Group, which was founded in 1903, ZENNER PERFORMANCE has more than 100 years of experience in measuring technologies. Our water meters are manufactured with superior quality and built for longevity.

Our water meters are designed in view of our customers needs: Best quality, highest precision and a long lifespan. Our Water Meters are produced in Banning, California where you can find the headquarters of ZENNER PERFORMANCE.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE water meters are long time instruments for an exact and professional measurement of consumption and effective tools for saving precious resources.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Water Meters are the innovations of today saving the resources of tomorrow.

The high quality consciousness of all the 1200 ZENNER engineers, developers and staff members worldwide guarantees perfect results to our customers.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE water meters and heat meters are used by:

files/content/icons/quad.gifUtilities files/content/icons/quad.gifMunicipal water suppliers
files/content/icons/quad.gifEnergy Suppliers files/content/icons/quad.gifContracting companies
files/content/icons/quad.gifDistrict heating companies files/content/icons/quad.gifMeter reading companies
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Single-Jet Meters
Our Single-Jet water meters for homes and flats have been proven by the million around the world and are prepared for all measuring tasks, thanks to our extensive range of accessories. Equipped with pulsers, as radio-controlled water meters or as the Mbus version, our water meters are ready for the requirements of Meter Reading Technologies and Smart Metering.


Multi-Jet Meters
Thanks to their robust design and their high-quality technology, ZENNER PERFORMANCE water meters for houses and housing complexes always guarantee the optimum measurement results. The latest generation of water meters made from high-quality polymer plastic are as much a part of our portfolio as the classic water meters in the bronze, stainless steel or brass housing.


Positive Displacement Meters
ZENNER PERFORMANCE Positive Displacement Water Meters consist of three basic components: main case, measuring chamber and a sealed register. The main cases are contructed using C89833 Brass Alloy. Measuring Chambers are constructed of a durable synthetic polymer. Bottom plates (for meter sizes 5/8" thru 1”) are available in Bronze, Cast Iron or synthetic polymer. Registers are available as either direct read or electronic output.


Turbine Meters
ZENNER PERFORMANCE Turbine Meters are designed for applications where flows are usually moderate to high and occasionally low. They are used in measurement of potable cold water in commercial and industrial services. ZENNER PERFORMANCE Bronze Turbine Meters are engineered and manufactured to provide long-term service and operate virtually maintenance free.


Compound Meters
ZENNER PERFORMANCE Compound Meters are for use in measurement of potable cold water in commercial and industrial services where flows are in one direction. ZENNER PERFORMANCE Bronze Compound Meters are engineered and manufactured to provide longterm service and operate virtually maintenance free. If necessary the universal measuring element (UME) can be removed from the main case for maintenance. Interchangeability of certain parts between like sized meters minimizes spare parts inventory.


Fire Hydrant Meters
ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters are designed to measure a wide variety of cold potable water flows from fire hydrants where flows are in one direction. ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters are engineered and manufactured to provide long-term service and operate virtually maintenance free. If maintenance is necessary the measuring element can be removed from the main case.


Plastic Water Meters
From the start, we have developed innovative products based on state-oft heart technology in dialogue with our customers. The result is a collection of well-engineered plastic water meters, because exact consumption values are only possible with precise measuring technology. The housings of the Plastic Water Meters consist of a polymer, as light as it is highly stable, which has been used in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of sports equipment and containers for drinking water for many years. The result: extremely low weight with the highest stability and resilience. In addition, the Plastic Water Meters are resistant to corrosion.

Your contact in the USA for ZENNER Water Meters

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