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Sidney, Australia. Population: 3.6 Mio., Daily water consumption per capita: 256 L

Australia – water meters and heat meters

Across the world, the name ZENNER stands for innovative water meters and heat meters

ZENNER provides customers in Australia with its entire product range: water meters, heat meters, AMR systems technology and Smart Metering.

Across the world, ZENNER stands for innovation, quality and precision in measurement technology because at ZENNER, we have been developing, producing and marketing innovative measuring equipment for global markets for over 100 years and for many years in Australia.

Appartment water meters, domestic water meters and bulk water meters are as much a part of our portfolio as heat meters and state-of-the-art AMR systems technology, such as mobile and fixed-network radio control or M bus data transfer for Smart Metering.

Every year, we produce and market more than three million water meters and more than 100,000 heat meters across the globe, and we are still growing. Our focus is on the development of innovative products, optimally tailored to the requirements of our customers world-wide and to the upcoming requirements for Smart Metering.

Our water meters and heat meters are used all over the world by our various customer groups:

files/content/icons/quad.gifMunicipal utilities companies
files/content/icons/quad.gifMunicipal water suppliers
files/content/icons/quad.gifEnergy supply companies
files/content/icons/quad.gifContracting companies
files/content/icons/quad.gifDistrict heating companies
files/content/icons/quad.gifBilling or reading contractors
files/content/icons/quad.gifIndustrial companies
files/content/icons/quad.gifProduct and systems integrators

In concert with our partners and affiliated companies, we export our state-of-the art measuring technology from our sites in Saarbruecken and Mulda (Germany) to over 90 countries and we stand for innovation, quality and service in matters of water meters, heat meters, AMR systems technology and Smart Metering, worldwide.

Our products

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Water meters for homes and flats
Our water meters for homes and flats have been proven by the million around the world and are prepared for all measuring tasks, thanks to our extensive range of accessories. Equipped with pulsers, as radio-controlled water meters or as the M bus version, our water meters are ready for the requirements of Smart Metering. -->


Water meters for houses and housing complexes
Thanks to their robust design and their high-quality technology, ZENNER water meters for houses and housing complexes always guarantee the optimum measurement results. The latest generation of water meters made from high-quality polymer plastic are as much a part of our portfolio as the classic water meters in the brass housing. With their pulsers, radio control or M bus, our domestic water meters can also be remotely read and are hence “Smart Metering ready”. -->


Woltman type bulk water meters for municipal utilities companies, suppliers and industry
Our Woltman water meters are used by municipal utilities companies, suppliers and industry across the world. Our large product portfolio includes a wide variety of Woltman water meters, alongside the classic WPH and WS designs, for example combination water meters, irrigation water meters or well-water meters. All our Woltman water meters can be read via pulsers and by radio or M bus. -->

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Heat meters
ZENNER is one of the internationally leading market suppliers in the area of heat meters. Our heat meters, such as the zelsius heat meter, successful the world over, conform to the highest technical standards and can be remotely read via radio or M bus AMR systems. Pulse outputs connecting with automation systems provide ZENNER heat meters with universal accessibility options. Besides the classic heat meter, our portfolio also has ultrasonic heat meters, cold meters and combined cold / heat meters (hybrid meters). -->


AMR systems technology for water meters and heat meters – ready for Smart Metering
Across the world, ZENNER distributes innovative system solutions for remote reading of water meters and heat meters. Of course, pulse interfaces also allow a variety of external devices to be integrated into our systems. Our solutions stretch from point-to-point communication and mobile read-outs right up to fixed network AMI remote read-out systems by bus or radio for remote reading of water meters and heat meters. -->

Your contact in Australia for water meters, heat meters, AMR systems technology and Smart Metering:

ZENNER Sales International
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