wireless M-Bus Funksystem

Walk-by radio system

Wireless M-bus – wireless remote meter reading system

We at ZENNER have specially developed a smart, mobile radio system for the remote reading of water and heat/cooling meters. It is perfectly tailored to needs of public utilities with regard to efficient reading processes and optimum data quality.

Our mobile radio system uses unidirectional data transmission. The measuring equipment independently sends a data protocol at set intervals. The radio protocols are encrypted to the latest technical standards for data security reasons. They are processed and stored by the MinoConnectRadio radio receiver and a handheld/tablet PC with selection software. The consumption data recorded and the associated meter parameters are then transmitted from the handheld device to the PC in the office, and are available for billing creation or energy monitoring purposes.

As well as the most common application of walk-by reading, our system is also available for drive-by use with suitable selection software.

Using ZENNER radio technology ensures that suppliers and service providers are viewed as innovative and customer-friendly. There is no longer any need for appointments or home inspections. The consumption data obtained from quarterly or monthly metering also results in significantly increased transparency for consumers, with the increasing importance of energy controlling taken into account.

Benefits of OMS (Open Metering System)

ZENNER has developed the wireless M-bus radio system Opera under the European OMS (Open Metering System) standard especially for the European market. OMS offers operators of modern smart metering measurement systems sustainable measuring technology and security of investment, as all OMS meters with a wM-bus interface – regardless of manufacturer – can be integrated into ZENNER’s wireless M-bus radio system.

  • Flexibility: the meter park becomes compatible and interoperable
  • Free choice of supplier: OMS meters from various manufacturers can be combined without issue
  • Planning security: the value of the investment in the meter park remains stable for the long term
  • Direct communication with the meters designed for the purpose:
       -> Comsumption readout
       -> Locating defective meters or leaks
       -> Disconnecting meters

ISO/IEC 14543-3 = EN 50090 (KNX) was integrated into the OMS application profile for data visualisation (consumption display) and linking with building automation (smart home) for consumers. This enables KNX installations to gain added value from OMS meters with little effort, as like OMS meters they use S-mode in accordance with EN 13757-4 for wireless communications.

More about OMS: www.oms-group.org

Wireless M-bus system components

files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/EDC_Modul_Front_mit Bogen.jpg EDC wireless M-bus module
The EDC (Electronic Data Capture) communications module is a clip-on module for water meters to provide secure remote reading and to integrate water meters into smart metering systems. It was developed for electronic and non-reactive scanning of all ZENNER water meters equipped with a modulator disc. [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0201 WMZ/0201 Kompaktzaehler/C5_waermezaehler_ultraschall.jpg Integrated wireless M-bus modules

The radio version of the zelsius C5 series compact meters for thermal energy has an integrated wireless M-bus module which transmits data directly to the relevant selection device. The different versions are adapted to different data telegrams and transmission intervals to specially meet the requirements of district heating plants or measurement service companies. [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/pulse-data-capture.jpg Pulse Data Capture

The pulse to radio converter enables all conventional meters with a pulse output (regardless of energy type) to be integrated into the wireless M-bus system and selected via radio. The PulseRadioGateway has a maximum of two meter inputs for connecting meters with pulser. [more]


files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0301 Systeme/minoconnect_systemtechnik_auslesetool.jpg MinoConnectRadio

The MinoConnectRadio is used to receive radio data telegrams from the meters and transfer them via Bluetooth to the mobile handheld device. This rechargeable mobile equipment processes T, S and C mode and can also be used to select all OMS-compliant measuring equipment from other manufacturers. In addition, the equipment can be used in combination with a suitable connection cable to select M-bus systems, as it also has an RS232 interface. [more]