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ZENNER Newsletter 3/2015

Smart Metering Gateway CommunicationMaster
Smart Metering Gateway CommunicationMaster

Remote reading of M-bus systems using Smart Metering Gateways

Zenner is bringing a new solution onto the market in the smart metering gateway CommunicationMaster, allowing online remote reading of wired M-bus systems.

Initial situation
Several hundred meters of different designs such as water meters, heat meters, cold meters, gas or electricity meters are often installed in large buildings. All these meters can be read centrally in minutes using a permanently installed, wired M-bus system. The new Gateway by ZENNER this is no longer only possible at the central metering point but rather from any point in the world.

In practice wired M-bus systems are used in properties where the use of wireless system is not possible or not economical because of structural or infrastructure circumstances. These include, for example, larger commercial properties, industrial facilities, hospitals or airports.

M-Bus systems are usually read on site at a central metering point, the so-called M-bus level converter or M-bus master. This requires only a laptop with the corresponding meter reading software.

Despite the possibility of reading the existing meters centrally on site this form of remove meter reading can involve substantial work. Appointments often need to be made in advance. Access permits need to be organised and, last but not least, the journey to the property often involves substantial time and cost.

The use of a Gateway is a smart solution in order to minimise the cost of remote meter reading using an M-bus system as this is connected to the level converter via a series RS232 interface.

The remote reading of the system is carried out online and the work is reduced to a minimum so that enormous time and cost savings are possible. The M-bus system can also be read at any desired time.

In order to be able to read the M-bus system online the Gateway is integrated into an existing TCP/IP network or dials in automatically to the GSM network using a SIM card and creates a secure data connection between the M-bus master that is to be read and a computer with metering software using the ZENNER service meterVPN. Thus the M-bus system can be read online with just a few mouse clicks.

Flexible metering times and communication paths
The Communication Master Gateways by ZENNER and the metering software GlobalMeterManager (GMM) provide an optimum solution for the central remote metering of M-Bus systems for property managers, building managers, measurement service companies or power service companies that need to meter many M-bus systems.
This solution allows the reading of data at any desired time. Given the increasing importance of power monitoring this is a great advantage compared to complex metering on site as power data can be metered regularly and at short intervals.

When using the CommunicationMaster Gateways you can choose to either transfer the data via GSM or over the Internet. The Gateway can be used flexibly with both technologies.

Secure data transfer
The ZENNER meterVPN service creates a secure internet connection so that only authorised users can carry out remote metering. The metering software GlobalMeterManager (GMM) must be installed on the PC that is used with at least the service manager licence. Automated cyclical metering is also possible with server installation of GlobalMeterManagers (GMM) and the metering intervals can be configured at will.

Data processing
The metered consumption data and M-bus information are stored in the local GMM data base and can be used to produce consumption accounts for export to authorised third parties, either in billing systems or for power monitoring.

For global use
The ZENNER Gateway solution was tested successfully for several years with pilot clients and has proved to be extremely stable and reliable. The measurement service company Minol Messtechnik uses CommunicationMaster across Germany to meter consumption data in commercial properties. The Gateway solution has also been installed outside Germany in Russia, China, Hungary, Iran and elsewhere. Further national and international products are being planned.

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Conversion of the meter temperature class from T30 to T50 on cold water meters

Up to now ZENNER has produced residential water meters of the type MNK (multiple jet wet rotor), MTKD (multiple jet dry rotor) and RTKD (ring piston dry rotor) and the bulk water meters in accordance with temperature class T30.

ZENNER now is offering the above-named meter types as standard from Autumn 2015 in accordance with the requirements of the higher temperature class T50.

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ZENNER and Minol are taking German technology abroad

The Minol-ZENNER Group is expanding its global business operation and underlining its aim of always competing at the forefront with the establishment of a joint venture in Turkey. » read more

Team of turkish Kodsan Minol Termosar

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