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ZENNER Newsletter 2/2015

Positive displacement meter RTKD-L
Positive displacement meter RTKD-L

Water meter for the future: Piston type water meter RTKD-L

With the new rotary piston meter type RTKD-L with plastic housing Zenner continues the developments in the rotary-piston meter segment and fits the portfolio to current market demands.

After the successful global launch of the rotary-piston meter RTKD with brass housing Zenner now brings the RTKD-L to the market, a version with high-quality composite housing.

For the international markets the RTKD-L is available with a nominal width DN 15 or 20 and an overall of length of 165, 170 or 190 mm. Other variants e.g. with nominal sizes DN 15 and the length of 110 or 115 mm are available on request.

Developing the RTKD-L different customer requirements were taken into account. The connecting thread of the RTKD-L for example is made of brass in order to enable an optimal installation.

After extensive development and testing, particularly in terms of pressure stability, the composite body of the RTKD-L was brought to the production stage. Over the counters of brass it offers advantages in weight with almost identical metrological characteristics.

The register is optionally available as "Copper-Can" version with protection class IP68, so the correct meter reading is ensured even in wet water meter shafts. No condensation can appear on the inside of the register glass.

The RTKD-L guarantees highly precise measurement results (max. Ratio Q3 / Q1 = 400) and is, due to the new D-register with electronic, non-reactive scanning, optimally prepared for remote meter reading and for the integration into modern smart metering systems.

The RTDK-L can be retrofitted with the Wireless M-Bus radio module (EDC = ElectronicDataCapture) from Zenner, which offers the possibility of walk-by or drive-by meter reading.

In addition, in the near future ZENNER offers a M-bus and a pulse module as sustainable communication modules. The launch of the modules is scheduled for the end of the year 2015. Professional software solutions tailored to the needs of water utilities are also part of the solutions.

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PDC communication module
PDC communication module

Every meter a smart meter


ZENNER’s new wireless M-bus pulse modules enable remote reading of meters with pulse output in accordance with the OMS standard

OMS stands for ‘open metering system’ and enables interoperability between various meters and different suppliers.

With its OPERA radio system, ZENNER is offering a high-performance remote readout system which can be used to retrieve consumption data from water and heat meters via wireless M-bus in accordance with the OMS standard.

As well as ZENNER’s water and heat meters, it is now possible to integrate any meter with a pulse output from any manufacturer into ZENNER’s OPERA radio system or other OMS-compliant systems.

The module bearing the name of PDC (pulse data capture) is a wireless M-bus radio module supplied with various message contents and transmission intervals. The PDC is also available as an M-bus modules for wired systems. The PDC radio module was developed in accordance with the European OMS (open metering system) standard: this means that as well as enabling OMS meters from other manufacturers to be built into ZENNER’s walk-by radio system OPERA, all standard meters with a pulse output can now be easily integrated into existing intelligent measuring systems via a connected PDC.

Both versions of the PDC are battery-operated. Depending on the transmission interval, number of input channels and environmental conditions, the battery life is calculated to match the mandatory calibration adjustment interval in Germany, as well as to achieve the longer operating times of up to 15 years required for export.

ZENNER offers PDC modules with ex-works connection of pulsers suitable for ZENNER water meters in certain models, removing the need for complex wiring work when retrofitting modules on site.

An additional cost benefit comes from the fact that PDC modules can be connected to up to two meters with pulser, for example enabling water meters to be read in shafts with just a PDC radio module.

>> Product information for PDC communication module

ZENNER launches new "class C" - single-jet water meter

Featuring a ratio of Q3 / Q1 = 160 in a horizontal installation, the ETKD R160 meets the highest standards of reliability and accuracy.

Since the new European Measuring Instruments Directive came into effect the conventional metrological classes (A, B, C, D) were replaced in Europe by specifying the ratio of Q3 to Q1.

Extreme precise water meters that were previously classified in the metrological class C, have a ratio of at least R = 160 - so a ratio of nominal flow Q3 to minimum flow Q1 of 160.

This also applies to the newly developed single-jet meter ETKD R160 from ZENNER. The meter provides highest precision especially at low flow rates, because it reliably detects even small flows.

The ETKD R160 single-jet meter can be used especially where low starting flow occur, where a high measuring range is required or where the meter must be installed very close behind a main meter.

Equipped with the appropriate systems technology, also the use in the field of non-revenue-water detection is possible.

In some countries Class C single-jet meters with high measurement accuracy are used as residential meters for the house connection and as a cheap alternative to multi-jet or rotary piston meters.

Like all dry-dial meters of the D-series the ETKD R160 is available as version with modulator disc.

The modulator disk, together with the EDC-communications module, allows an electronic, non-reactive scanning and is the basis for remote reading of meter data via radio (wireless M-Bus according to OMS), M-Bus or electronic pulse.

tl_files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0101 WWZ/0101 Einstrahl/ETKD-M-R160-water-meter.jpg tl_files/content/ZENNER_PIM/Produkte/0101 WWZ/0101 Einstrahl/ETKD-M-R160-water-meter02.jpg

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In the realm of the sleeping tiger – Zenner sets up a joint venture in Myanmar

Zenner International is one of the first German companies to set up its own subsidiary in Myanmar.Once the richest country in Southeast Asia, this is a future ‘tiger economy' and one of the most promising future markets in the region.

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